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DIV’s Dressing Skills For A Week(1)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 2:03 AM.

People rely on clothes. Perfect dress make you seem as lively as ever. Patented eye-catching is not only  girl’s right, men can also wear clothing with fashion sense.tiffany jewelry

Now let me show you the wonderful ideas of DIV.

MONDAY: Black suit with a white background of the long-sleeved sweater inside is always classic. Black trousers with a silver belt.Such costumes make you look bright and are able to have a feast for the eyes. Face the new challenges of the week with a light heart in good condition.tiffany & co

TUSDAY:Tired of the image which has always been tough .Here today we wil have a point of difference to change the refined image. A simple white shirt with a ride jacket, putting on jeans, neck tied with random brown and green intervals scarf, makes you become a rigid point of the artist’s feel after sank in work all day long.

WENSDAY:It is outdated to have a shirt when your are in suits .People who want to be fashionable today may wish to consider wearing a T shirt out of a deep purple with a silver-gray suit jacket, distributing out of uninhibited feeling,making you the coolest among the crowd.tiffany co jewelry

Appreciate the windbreaker(3)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 2:03 AM.

Pop Art comes back tiffany jewelryonce again this autumn and winter . Do not just envy  the models on T stage. Choose a check or a striped pattern duffle coat, your fashion index will be rising.


Fur is of all a woman’s favour. Fashion  gives it elegance, luxury, elegant, wild and other different definitions. The design even if the straight style cardigan can narrow your waist.                                                                Leopard pattern satchel come backtiffany co  this year, its popular trend is unstoppable, the popular zebra pattern in previous years has been eliminated.

Check which having a 1000-style bird is also a classic retro-flavored pop patterns just like the pattern of squares. A small proportion of the 1000-style bird grid pattern makes a gray wool jacket worthy of careful consideration at the details .tiffany sale

DIV’s Dressing Skills For A Week(2)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 2:01 AM.

THURSDAY: stable matureleger dress  suit will be replaced by a robust light-weight sportswear today. Not in conformity with common sense ideas can make your clothing layers filled with a sense of emergent personal unique charm. This is the real reason to make your office colleagues breathtaking .

FRIDAT:Finally come to the Friday when you have lookedHerve Leger Dress forward to for a long time. The company’s casual clothes day,you can  finally abandon the heavy suits. Casual gray gown trousers, simple and comfortable, have a taste of happiness.

SATURDAY: The best charging method is to go to visit rural areas of natural scenery and to breath fresh air on an easy saturday,. Wearing a light blue shirt, prixing a red and white coat and carrying  the large leisure package, you will feel so safe and comfortable.

SUNDAT: With a mix of dark colours men’s clothes will never go wrong. Do not consider so many things, simple and free casual jacket lined with T shirt is your dress requirements today.Just be properly relaxed.Herve Leger

Wear Out the Noble Temperament(2)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 2:00 AM.

03 romantic flower ladies dresstiffany sale

Printed cotton fabric makes you a kind of exotic customs, giving the hot summer a different favor.


04 sexy neck waist hanging flower Diao Daiqun
The lotus lace upon chest and tiffany cothe hem lets you be unique, personalized and yet feminine, distributing an elegant temperament in the irregular color.

05 Romantic flowers gauze pressure folding sling dress
the style can mostly show out the inner beauty of prominent women in the East. Concise fashion styles and printing patterns reflects a more beautiful you.tiffany jewelry

Wear Out the Noble Temperament(1)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 2:00 AM.

To wear clothing with noble qualitiesherve sale is not as difficult as you imagine.It is not necessary for clothes or accessories to be so expensive, a few simple evening dress style dresses are enough to let you become the focous:

01 Sexy Butterfly simple chest harness dress
Sexy sling folds on breast immediately reflects the youth tiffany co jewelryof your beautiful and graceful figure, noble and distinctive charm.

02 Diamond Square buckle belt harness dress skirt
The most chic place of this style is to drill square buckle T-chest belt which reflects the nobility atmosphere, revealing an extraordinary temperament.tiffany

Sales and stores (2)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 1:59 AM.

Approximately 40% of Akris sales are intiffany jewelry  North America. Akris was first sold in the United States in 1998; the brand can now be found in 70 U.S. stores, including over 20 Neiman Marcus locations and tiffany & co30-some Saks Fifth Avenue locations. Freestanding Akris boutiques are located in Boston and New York City. Akris Punto is sold in approximately 100 stores in the United States.tiffany co jewelry

Garment production of Akris (1)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 1:58 AM.

The company’s headquarters are locatedleger dress in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where 200 employees work on the creative, administrative, and marketing activities of the company. The design process begins with the fabric; KriemlerHerve Leger Dress then sketches his designs. Akris fabrics are often custom-produced; sometimes, development of a fabric may take years. Most of the fabrics used in Akris clothing are produced in specialized mills in northern Italy.Herve Leger

How to make life colorful(1)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 1:57 AM.

Talk to people and socialize withherve sale them; don’t leave your friends though!

Talk to boys too, and exchange numbers.

If there is no popular clique, START YOUR OWN! Nothing tiffany co jewelrybetter than being the head, especially if you’re nice, people will want to be your friend.

If the popular clique won’t let you in and is really mean, go with the tip above! You might be liked more than the 1st one!

Follow The Golden Rule: Treat others in the way you would like to be treated. tiffany

How to make life colorful(2)

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 1:56 AM.
Start something that will bring you attention in a good tiffany saleway not ruin your reputation. It can be a school achievement. Or try to fund raise or work for a charity and bring awareness of it into your school.(Breast cancer walk, Sudan Relief, etc.) Another good idea is to start your own business. tiffany co Be creative and think hard how you can make money with your own company. There are so many ideas! Make cool jewelry and sell it on line, become a party magician or party entertainer,web site design, make gourmet candy or baked goods, etc. Spend a week brainstorming. tiffany jewelry

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

rftgb, Dec 8, 10 1:50 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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